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Neem organic for Urea Coating
Neem based triterpenes can be used as a urea coat. They help in the slow release of vital nitrogen and arrests wastage of Nitrogen from urea.
Neem Cake Powder (Super Quality)
Lalitha Neem’s Cake Powder can be used as a manure, soil pest killer and for mixing with urea for agricultural purposes.
Our Neem Cake Powder contains about 9-10% neem oil and 1-1.5% Nitrogen and also Phosphorus, Potash. The powder can also be used for home gardening.
Pure Neem Kernel Cake Powder (Export Quality)
Our pure neem kernel cake powder is processed after the oil has been extracted through the Cold Press technique. The cake contains about 6-7% oil, 4.5% Nitrogen and other elements like Phosphorous, Potash, Calcium, Manganese, Sodium, Organic Carbon and Organic Matter.
The cake is mainly used in organic farming. Research has shown that usage of this cake allows the plants to develop resistance to pests and diseases. The major uses of the cake are in the fields of Floriculture, horticulture, vegetable crops and plantation crops.
Crushed Neem Fruit mixture (Oil Rich)
This is pure Neem fruit crush contains about 16-17% oil and 2.5% Nitrogen. In addition this has also Phosphorous, potash, Calcium, manganese, Sodium, Organic Carbon and Organic matter.
The fruit mixture is highly valued in organic farming apart from Agriculture, Horticulture and Floriculture crops.
Dry Neem Leaf Crush
The green neem leaves are selectively plucked and dried. Then they are crushed for further usage in various ayurvedic medicines, cosmetics and agriculture.
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